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Feel Well, Ride Well

AS EQUESTRIANS, we are athletes who demand a lot from ourselves - our bodies, minds and spirits. Whether riding for pleasure or at the highest levels, we require an abundance of nutritional, physical and mental support.


EW connects riders to the world of nutrition and wellness by providing the tools and information to make better choices when it comes to food, lifestyle, and attitude.

- VB   

Welcome to your essential guide to holistic health for the serious equestrian athlete. In addition to personal & group coaching, Valerie shares her healthy tools & natural solutions for riders in her online magazine. 

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On the field and in life, optimum wellness yields more than just good health.  

"Val helped me immensely during a difficult time in my life and I greatly appreciate all the knowledge, attention and compassion that she shared with me while we worked together!  I strongly believe that focusing on proper nutrition should be one of the first steps when trying to address depression / mental health. Val gave me insight and specific advice with some health issues I was dealing with and she enlightened me on other well-being topics, such as the importance of drinking filtered water and which filtration systems were best). She also took me on a field trip to the grocery store! We came up with some quick nutritious meal plans for my busy schedule and also helped me pick out some necessary cooking tools."



Austin, TX

"Please allow me to introduce to you, Valerie Breslow from Equestrian Wellness. Valerie is a phenomenal Health and Wellness Coach. She has made a difference in my life after ONLY TWO SESSIONS. Yes,she's that awesome. ( I will be talking more about this in the future.) The woman is a walking encyclopedia regarding the biochemistry of food. Crave something? She provides multiple HEALTHY food options to help your body receive WHAT IT IS CRAVING.   Here is a link to the site. And, I can't say how much I enjoy talking to someone with such an excellent, excellent sense of humor. I had 8 pages of notes from our last session. She can work with you regularly or, on occasions when you just need the answer NOW through her Coaching on Demand program." 



While there’s tons of free information on health and wellness online, no matter what I tried I could not overcome certain health challenges. Then I hired Valerie, through her health coaching (I’m not an easy person to coach) she helped uncover several of my barriers to wellness and armed me with lifestyle changes that I could live with. I simply implemented a small, but powerful handful of habits. Six months later, I noticed that I had lost thirty pounds. It wasn’t the goal, it was the result of a healthy lifestyle and I felt better than I had in years... maybe ever.




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