Our Show Face | Detox Mask serves dual purposes.  Use it on your face to clean out your pores after a dusty day at the barn or at a show.  Or use it as a way to detox your armpits when transitioning from conventional deodorants & antiperspirants - the ones that contain an enormous list of harmful and (potentially) cancer-causing chemicals and additives. Stopping your body’s natural cleansing path with endocrine disrupting chemicals can cause a serious back-up of nastiness in your vital arm pit glands. And ladies, you’ve heard about antiperspirants and their link to breast cancer. So, let’s clean those pits and face the world fresh!

**Not only does our Show Face |  Detox Mask flush out the harmful chemicals you’ve been packing away in your pits, but it also helps speed up the adjustment period when initially switching to natural deodorants.**


Directions:  make a paste with water, oil, honey, or yogurt and apply to clean skin.  Allow to sit for 5 – 20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.    


Ingredients:  unrefined coconut oil*, bentonite clay, kaolin clay, plaintain leaf*, activated charcoal.  *organic


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