Introducing our brand new scent - geranimum citrus!  Freshen up your helmet, boots, room, yoga mat, fabrics, vehicle, and even yourself with our essential helmet spray.  All-natural, non-toxic ingredients, including geranium, orange and bergamot essential oils, that eliminate foul odors and refresh your sweaty things and spaces.  


"I absolutely love the helmet spray for lots of different uses.  Not only do I use it for my helmet, I also spray my dog and cats bedding in between washes. it's great as a boot spray for "odor" as well. I pretty much use it on anything that need to be refreshed! "

Thank you 

Melissa Furnari owner of MFB equestrian 


Directions:  spritz your helmet, boots, and anywhere you need to fend off offending odors.  Shake well before use. 


Ingredients:  distilled water, distilled spirits, geranium, orange & bergamot essential oils. 


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