No 619 'perfume oil' is an essential roll-on blend featuring a stress easing blend of rosemary & peppermint.  our natural essentials blend can promote a sense of groundedness and calm.  adding our all natural perfume oils to your personal care routine is a great way to extend the rich scent of our No 619 Beauty Bar and Complexion Bar.


size: 0.35 oz metal roller ball


ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, argan, & jojoba oils, proprietary blend of essential oils, and dried flowers, including organic chamomile, comfrey, cornflower petals, organic lavender buds, organic rose petals, and plaintain leaf.  


directions: apply to pulse points, including wrists and neck as desired.

PERFUME OIL - No 619 - aloe | rosemary | peppermint

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