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Equestrian Wellness is a modern apothecary offering clean skin and body care essentials and more designed for equestrians, but made for everyone.  Born in 2016, I launched the business with the ultimate desire to elevate the well-being of the equestrian athlete.  My passion and appreciation for all things wellness, combined with my equestrian lifestyle and my desire to share my insights about self care served as the genesis for Equestrian Wellness.  As a lifelong equestrian & holistic nutritionist, I've always found it difficult to find truly clean and luxurious skincare essentials that nourish the skin while also addressing the harsh and specific conditions we endure as riders such as dirt, sweat, sunburn, dry, chapped, and chafed skin and sore muscles.  Our Stable to City products are carefully and purposely handcrafted by herbalists in small batches and made with organic, wildcrafted & all natural herbs, medicinal plants, hydrosols and botanical oils with the intention that, if it's on you, it's in you.  

With Love,
Valerie Breslow
Founder / Owner, Equestrian Wellness


Courtesy of Stacey Sofia Clarke & Patrick Clarke



I grew up in Miami, Florida spending my early years learning to ride horses, my first real love in life. Following years of health struggles, I stumbled upon my other life-long passion --- nutrition & the pursuit of wellness. Previously a big fear of mine, I now love and embrace discovering new ways of eating, living and thinking and sharing this knowledge with other equestrians.  While I love following new trends, I also enjoy learning how different cultures across the globe, often steeped in rich histories, create and live healthy lifestyles.

I am a foodie at heart and love discovering new restaurants, new ingredients & new preparations of food. I am drawn to and inspired by unique individuals who pursue their passions no matter what obstacles may stand in their way. I believe a positive mental attitude and an open heart can help you achieve whatever you want in life.  I’ve spent the past twelve years working with adults and children from all walks of life, including amateur and professional riders and even Olympic athletes, to help them gain awareness of and resolve their unique health and wellness challenges.  I currently live in Asheville, North Carolina with my husband, three rescue pups and my four-legged horse child, Le Grand.


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I grew up in a family of riders in Zurich, Switzerland, where my parents, sister and I manage a sport and sales stable with 50 horses. I spent the majority of my childhood participating in international show jumping. From 2004 – 2007, I had the honor of being a four-time national Swiss champion in dressage, and in 2009 as a junior in show jumping. In 2011 & 2012, I received the silver medal as part of the National Swiss Team at the Show Jumping Young Riders European Championships; I was also a part of the Swiss National Elite Squad in 2013 and was able to ride several CSIOs for the Swiss National Team. In between studying for my Bachelors in International Management, I continue to ride and give lessons at my family’s stable. Through my experiences competing at the highest levels of our sport, I have learned the importance of good nutrition and how this sport requires us to take care of our bodies while at the same time constantly challenging our limits, mentally and physically.



I grew up in Zurich surrounded by horses and beautiful countryside. I began showjumping at the regional level at age 12. A lifelong athlete, I participated in track & field and snow skiing in high school and later discovered the exciting challenges being an amateur triathlete. When I’m not at the stable, I practice as a physiotherapist and wellness trainer. My true passions are sports, health and nutrition. I love sharing my knowledge with patients and friends interested in transforming their lifestyle habits.



As a finalist in the US EAP program, I dreamed of pursuing a career as a professional showjumping rider and trainer. I grew up outside of Boston, MA, but was fortunate to have dual citizenship in the US and Switzerland. Following high school, I packed up and moved to my other homeland, Switzerland. I realized taking a different path than my peers by not pursuing a typical collegiate experience would be a risky proposition. When I arrived in Switzerland at 18, I enrolled in a rigorous, three-year Swiss training program for riding professionals. I haven’t looked back since. I’ve had the good fortune of working and riding for several Swiss equestrian team members as well as Olympic gold medalist Steve Guerdat. I’ve recently become focused on my health and well-being and have learned that burning the candle at both ends doesn’t work. I’ve become especially aware of the fact that making good choices when it comes to my diet and overall wellness gives me the energy I need to get through my long days at the stable.

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