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Coach on Demand

You’ve got a question, I’ve got an answer. 

Need information on what foods to eat for daily training or on show days?  What are the best breakfast options to jumpstart the day?  Searching for resources and products to streamline your day to day lifestyle?  Fretting about getting quality sleep, but don’t know how to achieve a good night’s slumber?  Need an expert to shed some light on the best diet protocols that make sense for the competitive rider?

We all have concerns about what how to deal with a specific health or wellness challenge.  No need to ask your Magic 8 ball, gain a quorum at the stable or check Google. 

Get the real information from a qualified, holistic nutritionist.  Simply schedule a 20-minute call or email me with your query and I’ll return a comprehensive response that will answer your question and provide some tools for managing your issue. 

20 minutes/includes a phone call or email session


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