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The best athletes know it takes several coaches with niche knowledge that covers all the bases to become, and stay, competitive. Your Equestrian Wellness Coach is an important part of the team, preparing you for competition & for life.


What if you discovered that you’re not getting the nutrients you need from the foods you are eating? What if you learned that hidden food allergies / intolerances might be weighing you down, both physically and mentally? What if just a few simple changes in your diet could bring you a renewed surge of energy and vitality — make you feel younger and look better?


Have you considered speaking to a health coach, but are unsure about how it works? Health coaching is like having your own private tutor. This is someone who cares about you and your health. A coach reviews your personal history and relates the facts about nutrition, your biochemistry, and your particular health challenges to your unique body. They also help you identify the best foods, lifestyle, and relaxation techniques to create optimum health, working with you on a strategy that creates lasting change in your life. A coach supports you in the areas that are challenging for you and is instrumental in helping you reach your fullest potential.


Sessions can take place via phone at a time that works best with your schedule. Coaching sessions last for one hour, usually once per week. Your program starts as soon as you sign up for a health history! As your private coach and counselor, I can help you integrate healthier practices into even the MOST hectic lifestyle, while teaching you the skills to continue on your own.


You want to get those cravings under control, lose those extra pounds, learn better eating and lifestyle habits, get a good night’s sleep, improve your sex life, increase your mental alertness and energy levels, feel more comfortable in the body you’re living in each day, improve your health so you can ease into each decade of your life with grace and good health, enhance and expand your relationships, learn how to shop for healthier food, be inspired in the kitchen, understand what whole foods really means, and create more happiness in your life.



You’ve got a question, I’ve got an answer.  


We all have concerns about what how to deal with a specific health or wellness challenge.  No need to ask your Magic 8 ball...

Get the real information from a qualified, holistic nutritionist. 

20 minutes of to-the-point coaching $49


You choose, call or email session.


Personalized Wellness Program


We’ll take a deep dive into the practice of wellness based on the principles of eating, living and being well. 

We’ll meet weekly where you’ll receive strategic and practical tips and information about how to get back on track, including understanding and reducing health challenges, such as digestive and thyroid issues, adrenal stress, brain fog, cravings, aches & pains, skin issues, mood fluctuations and sleep disorders. 



4/60 minute sessions +

personalized email and text support 

$998 per month 


Think of this as a group riding clinic for your health. 


Grab a group of friends from the barn and we’ll all jump on a call together to discuss a specific subject or set of topics that is of interest to the group.  What’s better than sharing ideas with like-minded people with similar goals? 

Session will include a review of a chosen subject, suggested solutions, tips and information + Q&A so everyone has an opportunity to participate and voice their questions and comments. 


90-minute conference call

$79 per person

(max 10 participants)

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