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We're so excited to offer our FACE NUTRITION bundle!  This incredible skincare product line is simply a game changer!  And, it's what it's called...face nutrition.  Overflowing with nutrient rich ingredients, including essential fatty acids and antioxidants, these products work synergistically to provide what we all need to nourish, heal, repair, maintain elasticity and protect our skin leaving us with a healthy glow.  We've kept everything in travel-friendly containers for our mobile lifestyle.

There are absolutely no fillers in these products!  Suitable for all skin types.


A few of our favorite ingredients in these products include:  

*Aloe Vera is soothing to all skin types, including oily, normal, and dry skin. It helps restore the skin's natural pH.

*Rose essential oil is hydrating and anti-inflammatory. Its antiseptic and disinfectant properties is said to clear up blemishes and calm the skin. Great for moisturizing and hydrating the skin and is especially good for dry, mature and irritated skin.
*Carrot Seed Oil essential oil is said to have amazing skin enhancing properties. By stimulating skin circulation, it improves elasticity, tones skin, repairs damaged tissues, and combats the formation of wrinkles and scars.
*Helichrysum essential oil is said to aid in healing scars. Excellent for its skin-rejuvenating properties in addition to softening the skin.

*Sea buckthorn oil is excellent for reducing acne breakouts, because it signals the oil glands to stop creating excess amounts of sebum. Sea buckthorn will reduce inflammation in the skin, prevent future flare ups, help to fade scars and promote an overall more even and smoother skin texture.

*Marshmallow root extract soothes redness, relieves inflammation, and helps retain moisture in skin. In general, people with sensitive and easily irritated skin can benefit from using it.


Here's what's included:


face nutrition / rosewater hydrosol

2 oz. bottle

ingredients: rose hydrosol*, aloe gel*, glycerine, vitamin e (non-gmo), lactobacillus ferment (from radishes) and lactobacillus + cocos nucifera (coconut) fruit extract.

suggested use: after cleansing, spray onto hands and gently pat into face and neck. spray directly onto face with eyes closed for a quick and refreshing spritz to cool and soothe the skin.


face nutrition / serum

2 oz bottle

ingredients: herbal infused jojoba oil* apricot oil*, sea buckthorn oil*, pomegranate oil*, argan oil*, meadowfoam seed oil, squalene oil, essential oils of: helichrysum, rose, and carrot seed. *certified organic

suggested use: layer two drops of this serum over our moisturizer for deeper penetration. be sure to wait 2-3 minutes after applying your moisturizer to allow the oils to penetrate the skin. also helps tame dry frizzy hair when applied sparingly.


face nutrition / cream moisturizer

2.3 oz jar

ingredients: rose hydrosol*, aloe vera*, unrefined coconut oil*, comfrey, calendula, rose petals, marshmallow root, elder flowers, & plantain infused in extra virgin olive oil*, sunflower oil*, jojoba oil*, argan oil*, kukui nut oil*, castor oil*, sea buckthorn oil*, beeswax*, carrot seed oil, rosehip seed oil*, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, blueberry extract*, essential oils of: rose, rosewood, geranium, orange*, ylang ylang, & benzoin, rosemary extract, black willow bark*, rooibos tea*, and usnea lichen CO2 extract, curcuma xanthorrhiza CO2 extract, helichrysum extract*, grapefruit seed extract.
*certified organic

suggested use: gently apply a pea size amount onto face in the morning and night after toning with our rosewater / aloe spray.


face nutrition / carrot calendula complexion bar

5 oz. bar

ingredients: calendula infused olive oil*, fresh carrot juice*, coconut oil*, rice bran oil*, jojoba*, sodium hydroxide, castor oil*, pure essential oils of carrot seed, may chang, rose geranium, and cedarwood and vitamin E. *certified organic

—cold process soap—

suggested use: gently work soap into a lather with warm water and gently apply to face in circulating motion. rinse and pat dry. follow up with aloe rosewater spray and moisturizer.  great for sensitive, irritated or chapped skin.  


face nutrition / first aid serum

.5 oz stainless steel roll on 

ingredients: corsican helichrysum, german blue chamomile, blue tansy, roman chamomile, carrot seed, wintergreen and french lavender essential oils, fractionated coconut oil.

suggested use: rub on the affected area and use as often as needed.

great for dry chapped skin, helps with swelling, scarring; will stop bleeding and is said to stimulate new cell formation.


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