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OMG, this is the kit you’ve been waiting for! keep these must have hair supplies in your tack trunk and you’ll be able to re-enter civilization without looking like a sweaty mess. The Goodbye Helmet Hair kit includes: fresh Hair, helmet spray, dry shampoo and our customized microfiber towel. Love it!


-Freshen up your helmet, boots, room, fabrics, vehicle, and even yourself with our essential helmet spray. all-natural, non-toxic ingredients, featuring our beloved original formula that perfectly eliminates foul odors and refreshes your sweaty things and spaces.


-our plant based 'magic mane dust' dry shampoo is here to rescue those beautiful locks post-ride and in between shampoos. absorbs residue and odor with oil absorbing clay, arrowroot powder and frankincense and geranium essential oils to refresh and support healthy hair.

blends well with all hair colors.


-goodbye bad smelling, sweaty hair! tame, freshen and defrizz your mane post-ride with this amazing hair refresher combining lemongrass hydrosol & aloe vera gel along with a scalp supporting probiotic formula to combat odor-causing bacteria.  it's just the thing to keep your locks feeling soft and smelling fresh in between shampoos. this is a great hair care tool when you have to re-enter civilization after a sweat-induced ride.


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