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Self care is so easy with the right tools!  Elevate your bath experience with our beautiful bath salts and body scrub.  Release muscle tension, ease achy & sore joints while cleansing and detoxing the skin.  


Bath Salts - peppermint, lavender & eucalytus

ingredients:  dead sea salt, peppermint leaf*, lavender buds*, lavender* and

eucalyptus* essential oils.   *organic

suggested use:  draw a warm bath and pour several scoops of salts into tub and stir around to dissolve.  Also makes a great foot bath.  take a deep breath and relax.  Great for clearing congestion!


Body Scrub - sugar & smoked salt

ingredients:  organic sugar, juniper infused Texas Olive Oil, smoked sea salt.

suggested use:  apply a small amount of scrub into palm of your hand and massage skin gently from neck to toes in a circular motion.  rinse well with warm water.  




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