Introducing our Wellness Box™!  This amazing collection of eight (8) all-natural, handcrafted products may help boost your immune system and fend off colds and flu!  We don't use any artificial colors, flavorings, and additives, or toxic chemicals in the making of these products.  


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Elderberry Syrup - 8oz

Elderberry syrup offers delicious support to your immune system during cold & flu season. 


Ingredients: filtered water, local honey, distilled spirits*, elderberries*, ginger*, grapefruit peel*, cinnamon, vanilla bean. 

*organic ingredient


Suggested Use: shake well and take 1 tbsp per day for general immune support during cold & flu season. Increase to 3x a day or more when feeling ill. 


Cough Syrup - 4oz

Ingredients: filtered water, fresh pine needles, local honey, distilled spirits*.

*organic ingredient


Suggested Use: shake well and take 1 tbsp 3x per day or more to assist in recovery from respiratory infections and coughs. Rich in vitamin C.


Fire Cider - 4oz

Ingredients: apple cider vinegar*, horseradish*, onion*,  ginger*, turmeric*, garlic*, local honey, organic cayenne pepper. *fresh, organic ingredient


Suggested Use:  shake well and take 1 tbsp to 1oz as needed to stimulate immune function and support sinuses.


Wellness Tea - .5oz

This delightful tea blend will bring a smile to your face, calm your nerves, and help protect you from common viruses (like colds & flus). It's great to drink morning, noon and night!


Ingredients: sustainably grown lemon balm, holy basil*, red clover*, licorice root*. 

*organic ingredient


Suggested Use: brew 1-2 tbsps of tea in 8oz of hot water for 10-15 minutes. Enjoy daily to lift your spirits and stay well. 


De-Stress Tonic- 1oz

Ashwagandha (a powerful adaptogenic herb) combined with Texas orange peel and honey to support vitality. Ashwagandha has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to balance hormones and help improve stamina, especially when recovering from an illness. Can be used to aid in sleep.


Ingredients: distilled spirits*, ashwagandha root*, Texas orange peel*, cinnamon*, local honey. *organic ingredient


Suggested Use:  shake well. 20-30 drops up to 3 x a day to support vitality & stress response. 


Chest Rub - 2oz

Ingredients: holy basil* infused into Texas Olive Oil, eucalyptus essential oil*, local beeswax.


Suggested Use: rub generously on chest, bottoms of and/or under nose to aid in breaking up mucus. 


Throat Spray - 1oz

For relief of minor throat irritation and immune support. 


Ingredients: organic echinacea angustifolia, propolis resin, organic distilled spirits. 


Suggested Use: shake well and spray directly on to back of throat 2-3 times. Repeat up to 5 times daily. 


RiderAide (Vitamin C/ Electrolyte drink)- .7oz / 6 servings

Ingredients: strawberry powder*, coconut water powder*, maple sugar*, acerola berry powder*, rosehip powder*, hibiscus powder*, orange peel powder*, magnesium citrate, real salt. *organic ingredient


Suggested Use: combine 1 tsp powder with 8oz water and mix well.


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