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It's here and available now...just in time for fall / winter cold and flu season...The Wellness Box™!  


This amazing collection of five (5) all-natural, handcrafted products may help boost your immune system and shorten the duration of colds and flu!  Our products are carefully produced by our herbalist from all natural and wildcrafted ingredients and are completely free of artificial colors, flavorings, additives, or toxic chemicals. It's especially important to feed your body toxin-free products when your immune system is being challenged with colds / flu.


Order now while supplies quantities available.  


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


This box contains the following items:


Elderberry Syrup - 8oz

Elderberry syrup offers delicious support to your immune system during cold & flu season. 


Ingredients: filtered water, local honey, distilled spirits*, elderberries*, ginger*, grapefruit peel*, cinnamon, vanilla bean. 

*organic ingredient


Suggested Use: shake well and take 1 tbsp per day for general immune support during cold & flu season. Increase to 3x a day or more when feeling ill. 


Cough Syrup - 4oz

Ingredients: filtered water, fresh pine needles, local honey, distilled spirits*.

*organic ingredient


Suggested Use: shake well and take 1 tbsp 3x per day or more to assist in recovery from respiratory infections and coughs. Rich in vitamin C.


Tummy Bitters - 1oz

Ingredients:  distilled spirits, hawthorn berries*, local honey, grapefruit peel*, ginger*, oregon grape root*, cinnamon*.  *organic ingredient


Suggested use:  20-30 drops before or after meals to support healthy digestion.


Chest Rub - 2oz

Ingredients: holy basil* infused into Texas Olive Oil, eucalyptus essential oil*, local beeswax.


Suggested Use: rub generously on chest, bottoms of and/or under nose to aid in breaking up mucus. 


Throat Spray - 1oz

For relief of minor throat irritation and immune support. 


Ingredients: organic echinacea angustifolia, propolis resin, organic distilled spirits. 


Suggested Use: shake well and spray directly on to back of throat 2-3 times. Repeat up to 5 times daily. 



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