Attention all equestrians...yes, I'm reaching out to you to talk about how your wellness plan is going?  Are you exhausted from the pandemic over eating and over drinking? Are you curious about how to create better habits while cultivating a healthier relationship with food?  


Let's face it...we do so much for our horses so they can perform at their best, but what about us?  Do you face a daily struggle about how to plan meals, what to eat, how to stay hydrated and how to stop those cravings that consume your thoughts?  What about your sleep patterns?  Are you stressed, anxious and fearful?  Do you wonder how people who seem to have it all together manage things so well?     


Now is the time to get a jump start on your health and wellness.  This is not a diet plan.  This is about upgrading your lifestyle.  You will learn a handful of simple tools and practices that can dramatically transform the way you feel, look, and think.  And who doesn't want to feel better in their body and in the saddle?  


What:  Eight-week program

Where:  Facetime Call

When:  Start Any Time!  


Week 1  

Start your wellness journey.  Identify your main challenges and set goals.  Learn to upgrade your thoughts and habits and focus on what you want to achieve. Let go of the struggle!

Week 2

Got Water?  Water, water everywhere!  The most important nutrient for our bodies.  What and when and how much should I be drinking each day?  How to combat chronic dehydration.

Week 3

Food, lifestyle habits and mindset audit.  How to take an audit of your food, daily habits and mind set practices.  What works and what does not work for you each day?  Is it finally time to let go and allow for a big detox?   

Week 4

Eating seasonally.  And locally, organically, whole.  It's all about source & quality!  How to shop for foods that support your health and create optimal energy.  

Week 5

Be prepared.  How to create a daily rhythm that will enhance your work, daily activities, relationships, moods, sleep and energy.

Week 6

Mindful Eating.  Be present.  How to create an environment for optimal nourishment.  Conduct a self-check in before, during and after a meal.  

Week 7

Sleep well.  What is sleep hygiene?  How to slow down, breathe and create a good night’s sleep.  

Week 8

Featured Guest!  Fellow equestrian Leni Onkka from Clear Your Destiny will discuss spiritual life coaching and how this work can help you get past fears, confidence issues and life struggles.  


Imagine that two months from the start of the program you can be in a completely different space mentally, physically, & spiritually.  Creating new habits and letting go of what isn’t serving you IS A GOOD THING!  When you close certain doors, new ones will open and reveal things you never thought possible.  


How it works:  Once you sign up, you'll receive a confirmation email with details for next steps.  


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