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Coffee Alternatives

Coffee…it’s the great morning energizer and many of us have these long-standing morning rituals that include the making of and savoring of this tasty beverage. We rely on this important beverage to give us a jolt out of bed; boost our energy during the day and to create a sense of mental clarity. And then some of us simply use it to create the urge to go to the bathroom.

The problem is coffee is an acidic beverage that can wreak havoc on our digestive systems as well as negatively affect our blood sugar, mineral and hydration levels; make us feel irritable and impatient; and disrupt our sleep patterns. If you’d like to consider several healthier alternatives to coffee, the good news is there are now many products available that are both tasty and good for you:

Matcha green tea, health benefits of green tea (contains off the charts antioxidants)

What about the ‘afternoon energy slump?

We’ve all been there. You look up from your desk and realize it’s 3pm and you need a boost to get you through the rest of your work day. If you regularly experience an ‘energy slump / mental clarity dip’ in the middle of the afternoon, instead of reaching for another cup of coffee, you may want to check in and make sure you’re well hydrated first. Have you been drinking enough water throughout the day or have you been too busy to raise a glass or bottle to your lips? Once you’ve checked in on your hydration levels, consider whether you can replace your afternoon coffee with an oxygenating and energy-promoting green juice, green smoothie and / or protein smoothie. Orgain brand makes pre-made ones that are shelf stable.

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