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Want to Get Through the Holidays Feeling Well and Energized?

The temps and leaves are falling, your cravings for comfort foods are through the roof and, with the holidays just around the corner, you can feel the waistband of your breeches tightening. Sound familiar?

Maybe it's time to try some health coaching. What is health coaching? It's just like a riding lesson, but instead of learning how to manage your canter rhythm, you'll learn how to manage your daily life rhythm. I work with clients one on one to help them jumpstart their health & wellness journey. Think of it as a roadmap for creating a day filled with healthy meals, snacks and key lifestyle habits that's tailored to your busy schedule. Imagine getting through the holidays feeling well and energized!

What you can expect: we will work together an hour per week (plus email correspondence in between) to create a fresh approach to your eating and lifestyle habits. I'll do the coaching so you can stay focused on managing your busy schedule. After just a couple of sessions, you should start to feel a shift in your energy, sleep patterns, moods, mental alertness & concentration as well as control over your cravings. Very similar to your riding lessons, health coaching is about showing up and being open to learning new things.

Here's what a recent client had to say about what health coaching has meant to them:

Val helped me immensely prior to the a time when I really needed to gain control of what I was eating. I was experiencing a lot of digestive upset, hormonal imbalances, and anxiety and I was stunned at how much knowledge, attention and compassion that she shared with me. I felt better knowing I had someone who could help me navigate all the conflicting information out there about what I should be eating each day.

I strongly believe that focusing on proper nutrition should be one of the first steps when trying to achieve your riding goals. Val was able to provide insight into my self-sabotaging habits and opened my eyes about so many things. including how to hydrate properly, how to replace all those sugar-laden foods I was craving and ways to jumpstart each day with energizing and tasty breakfast options. She made it easy and fun to make the changes! Val even walked me through the process of grocery shopping, meal and snack prep and together, we came up with some quick & nutritious meal plans that I easily incorporated into my busy schedule. I can't recommend her enough for riders who are looking for a competitive edge!

Sarah P.

My November calendar is filling up, but I currently have five spots left and we're offering a half price special on our Full Training coaching program. Normally $998, we are offering the same program for $598! That's a $400 savings! Not sure what you should or shouldn’t be eating to feel great in your body this holiday season? Unsure about what to buy at the grocery store and how to prepare healthy meals and snacks once you’ve brought it all home? Drop me a line and let's get started.

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