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Who is in your herd?

This blog is a little self-serving, but I felt compelled to introduce all of you to several people who inspired this little venture, Equestrian Wellness. I lovingly refer to them as my herd. They are Aurelie, Bettina and Kenny. You’ll discover their stories here. I call them my advisors. They are really my reverse mentors. Yes, I’m a few decades older, but we all came together in a rather serendipitous way, at Aurelie’s family’s stable in a town outside of Zurich called Uster. When I arrived in Switzerland as an expat I didn’t know anyone, but I was willing to feel uncomfortable and downright silly because I didn’t know the language or the customs. Luckily, I picked the right place to take riding lessons. It’s amazing when the universe connects you with your people. For me it was a special group of riders who share the same love and passion for all things horses. This group made my life experience as a stranger in a foreign country so special and memorable.

I’ve learned so much from Aurelie, Bettina and Kenny, and most of all, I am incredibly grateful for their outpouring of support, love and kindness. I admire them for what they continue to do each day and how they manage themselves with the utmost integrity. The deep conversations, life lessons and genuine friendships I developed with each one of them gave me the confidence to pursue the creation of this business!

So, who is in your herd? Do you have a group of people who accept and welcome you into their lives unconditionally, are willing to teach you what they know, and share their stories as they continue to navigate their lives? If you haven’t found your herd yet, it’s never too late. You might want to consider stepping outside your comfort zone, trusting strangers to lend a hand and even embracing a new way of seeing and communicating with others. It worked for me and now I can say I have friends for a lifetime.

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