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Goodbye Helmet Hair!

Goodbye Helmet Hair Kit

Goodbye Helmet Hair Kit ($50)


Goodbye Helmet Hair…Finally!! I know you’ve done it too. You grab a random towel in the tack room to mop up the sweat from your face and head. And we all know where that towel has been. While it may seem ‘barn’ clean, it’s likely been in the washer with saddle pads, blankets, wraps and other questionable rags, explaining all the horse hair that is now stuck to your face & lips.

Time for a little upgrade? We heard your requests and came up with our Goodbye Helmet Hair kit. It comes with a lovely microfiber towel just for you (although it makes a great clean up rag around the barn) along with our Fresh Hair spray, Dry Shampoo and Essential Helmet Spray. It’s the kit you’ve been waiting for! Say goodbye to offensive chemicals, toxins and unpronounceable ingredients and say hello to all-natural fresh and clean! It’s how we do it here at Equestrian Wellness.

Our Fresh hair product combats odor-causing bacteria, sweat and dirt and our dry shampoo absorbs excess oils and gives your hair better hold and texture, minus the oil slick. Lastly, take care of your precious helmet (and your boots) with our non-toxic helmet spray. THIS is the kit you’ve all been waiting for! Keep these must have hair supplies in your tack trunk and you’ll be able to re-enter civilization without looking like a sweaty mess.

Refresh and revitalize your hair instantly and bring your gorgeous locks back to life with our Goodbye Helmet Hair kit (includes Fresh Hair, Essential Helmet Spray, Dry Shampoo and our customized microfiber towel.)

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